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The true measure of a good craftsman is by the bond the person shares with his skills. Like many other occupations, Carpentry is a skill that is not taught overnight. It is a love, a bond, an aspiration built over years. Only through much experience, will a Carpentry truly learn not just the technical methods of this craft, but also the deft instincts of a true master.

At Mei Sin, this bond ran in our family for three generations.

Our founder Mr Robert Lim was apprenticed since his teenage years by his own father - a carpenter mentor. After spending one decade training in the workshops, he eventually pooled his own - and his wife's - money into the incorporation of Mei Sin Furniture. That was in 1979.

A few years after the founding, Mei Sin as a company ventured into the renovation industry. And since then, for thirty years until today, Mei Sin is a well-known carpentry and renovation one-stop hub for home and office makers.

Today's interior design culture sees the rise of minimalism, in contrast to the championing of intricate details in the past. Despite the fluidity of styles that define today's "in fashion", Mei Sin continues to keep up to date with the latest tastes, to bring our treasured customers the true joy of home-making.

It is always our policy to cut costs (middle men), offer quality and market-competitive prices. Personalized services, non-obligatory free consultations, 3d & perspective drawings, are also part of the good things that define us.

All of our products are proud to be Made in Singapore.




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Why Mei Sin?

Truly custom made
Want it wine red or smokey grey? How about the wood, oak or maple? From the choice of timber down to the design of the hinge, we let you handpick your own style.

Always there with you
We don't just throw you a huge catalogue and swamp you with messy details. Our project consultants will be there to help you with the selection of furnishing, the planning of the designs and pretty much, everything else.

A name to trust
With 30 years on our belts and an clientele of the tens of thousands, Mei Sin is definitely a name to trust.

Affordable and Hassle-free
We assure you that our prices are market-competitive for the quality we are offering.

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