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Being a master carpentry in today's Singapore is both a financially rewarding career and a life of much discipline, fine craftsmanship and value. In 2008, Singapore's furniture export grew 15%. What used to be deemed 'blue collared work' has never been more relevant in the modern Singaporean society.

Join Mei Sin, one of the fastest expanding Renovation, Contractor and Carpentry company in Singapore for a fulfilling career in the following positions:

People of all nationalities and native tongue may apply.




1. Carpenter (Apprentice)

As an apprentice you do not need to have any experience in Carpentry. You need to be disciplined, comitted, eager and willing to learn from our Master Carpenters. You will be taught the skills of the trade, and assist the Masters in their work.

At the end of the training, you will be given a certificate from us indicating your completion of Apprenticeship. The length of your training depends on how fast you learn the trade.

You will be commensurated accordingly; this is a full-time job.

No academic qualifications are required, though knowledge of mathematics and simple freehand drawings of furniture and scales would be an added advantage.

2. Carpenter (Journeyman)

As a journeyman, you have at least 1 year of full-time experience in Carpentry. You will be working for Mei Sin and paid by the hour. You need to be independent, self-driven and task-oriented.

You will need to be able to list out the materials you need, and work with Carpentry tools and machinery. Refining and mastering your skills would be your ultimate goal in order to be a Master Carpenter.

You will be commensurated by the hour; this is a full-time job.

No academic qualifications are required, knowledge of mathematics and simple freehand drawings of furniture and scales is essential.

3. Carpenter (Master)

As a Master of Carpentery you are skilled at your work, and passionate to this trade. You will lead other carpenters in our projects and you will add value to the craftsmanship of this company.

You must have at least 3-5 years of experience in this industry and you will take charge of material listing and project planning.

You will be commensurated by percentage commission.

No academic qualifications are required, but related work experience is steeply essential.


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Write in to us

Please write an email to with your expected pay and relevant information. We reply all applicants whether chosen or not.


Why Mei Sin?

Truly custom made
Want it wine red or smokey grey? How about the wood, oak or maple? From the choice of timber down to the design of the hinge, we let you handpick your own style.

Always there with you
We don't just throw you a huge catalogue and swamp you with messy details. Our project consultants will be there to help you with the selection of furnishing, the planning of the designs and pretty much, everything else.

A name to trust
With 30 years on our belts and an clientele of the tens of thousands, Mei Sin is definitely a name to trust.

Affordable and Hassle-free
We assure you that our prices are market-competitive for the quality we are offering.

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